Do You Have A Service Project We Can Help With?

PGT Slider Door Handle
Person Fixing Screen


Our experienced Window Repair Department personnel have seen it all and are dedicated to helping you repair or replace your windows or sliding patio doors.

When necessary, we have the knowledge and ability to custom make windows or screens for any size or style and can re-vinyl your vinyl windows for screened-in porches.

No matter how big or small your repair needs, Tropical Window, Inc. has the solution.


1) Window Parts: Bring a sample of the window part to our showroom at 1731 South Suncoast Blvd., Homosassa, FL., and we’ll sell you a new part and explain how you can install it.

2) Window Screens: Drop off the damaged screen at our showroom and we will duplicate it for you… quoted in advance, of course.

3) Patio Door Rollers: Bring in the rollers and we will provide the proper replacements. If you don’t know how to remove the rollers, stop in and we’ll show you by demonstrating on one of our display models.

4) Screen Room Vinyl Windows: Drop off the window(s) at our showroom and we will re-vinyl them and replace any necessary parts.

5) Sliding Closet Doors: See section “3” above.

6) Foggy Insulated Glass Windows: Contact us through this website or call us with the approximate size and you’ll get an estimate by email or over the phone. Once approved, our Service Technician will come to your house, take accurate measurements, order the replacement, and when the product is ready, make an appointment for installation.